Top 10 Pigs Facts to Share for Pork Month

Celebrate October—it's Pork Month! Here's Top 10 facts to share about the pork industry.

  1. There are more than 63,000 pig farmers in the U.S. Together, we produce 22 billion pounds of pork each year.
  2. The National Pork Board, representing all of America’s pig farmers, has the No. 1 goal of doing the right thing for people, pigs and the plant. We embrace science-based research to improve our operations.
  3. Pig farming is a 24/7/365 job and the responsibility of animal care is shared by everyone involved—from owners, farm managers, animal caretakers, veterinarians and transporters.
  4. The National Pork Board has invested more than $6 million in research on antibiotic resistance and antibiotic alternatives since 2000. 
  5. We strive to do more with current resources. In 1959, it took eight pigs (including breeding stock) to produce 1,000 lb. of pork. Today it takes only takes five.   
  6. Pig Farmers know how to do more with less by embracing technology and using better management practices, such as, enhanced genetics, better nutrition, improved barns and better biosecurity.
  7. We invest in people and trainings for animal care. More than 33,000 swine transporters, farmers and handlers have earned transport quality assurance (TQA) certification, which teaches best practices on how to handle, move and transport pigs.
  8. Life is better with bacon. The BLT first appeared in print during the 1950s for a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich, but it had already been entered into common language in the late 1940s. We bet pig farmers were the ones to discover the deliciousness. Find more common links featuring bacon.
  9. Pigs have a great sense of smell, but poor eyesight.  
  10. Don’t call pigs slow—they can run a 7-minute mile!