African Swine Fever Confirmed in Wild Boar in Bulgaria

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Bulgaria confirmed a new case of African swine fever (ASF) in a wild boar near Devnya, a northeastern town located about 15 miles from The Black Sea Coast, the national food safety authority said on Wednesday.

Bulgaria reported its first outbreak of ASF in August, among backyard pigs in the northeastern village of Tutrakantsi, close to the border with Romania. The Bulgarian Food Safety Agency said tests confirmed the virus in seven infected animals at one farm in the northeastern village of Tutrakantsi. All 23 pigs in the village were culled and a 3-kilometre quarantine zone was established around the village.

Six months ago, Bulgaria erected a fence on its land border with Romania in an attempt to prevent the crossing of potentially infected wild boars from bringing the disease into Bulgarian territory. 

ASF is a highly transmissible disease that affects pigs and wild boar. It does not affect humans.

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