African Swine Fever Confirmed in Tibet for First Time

China is a global competitor in many agricultural markets. ( Farm Journal Media )

The reports of African swine fever (ASF) continue to roll in – April 7 marked the first ASF outbreak in the country’s remote, high-altitude Tibet Autonomous Region.

China’s agriculture ministry said the disease was found in two counties and one district of the city of Linzhi, located in southeastern Tibet near the border with India. To date, 55 pigs have died in the Tibet outbreak, the report added.

On April 8, a new outbreak was confirmed in Xinjiang region. The farm, located in Yecheng county in the northwestern province, killed 39 animals on a farm of 341 pigs, according to a statement on China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

The southern island province of Hainan, as well as China’s special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau, have yet to report any cases of ASF.

The ASF virus, which is deadly and highly transmissible among pigs but is harmless to humans, has been spreading rapidly across China, home to the world’s largest hog herd. 

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