PORK Poll: Could Marijuana in the Pig Diet Make a Difference?

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cannabisPORK PollRegardless of where you stand on the issue of medical marijuana, 33 states have now legalized medical marijuana use and the number of cannabis producers looking for ways to utilize plant byproducts continues to increase.

“Feeding byproducts of the legal marijuana industry is of interest to many in the pork industry,” says Anna Dilger, associate professor of meat science at the University of Illinois. “To my knowledge, there is no real research on this yet.”

THC in the diet is of interest to some, scientifically, because the appetite stimulation by marijuana could increase feed intake in pigs.

“This is an area where producers are definitely curious about using these products,” Dilger says. “But we don’t have a lot of scientific information about how pigs will react to these ingredients and how pork will change as a result.”

In a recent PORK Poll, 78% of respondents said they believe researchers should look into the effect of pig performance and meat quality when fed cannabis byproducts. Meanwhile, 9% said no and 14% said they need more information on the subject to make a decision.




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Submitted by Larry k on Wed, 11/21/2018 - 07:40

Will pigs eating marijuana lead to them using harder drugs? Then how will you keep them down on the farm?