Large Breeding Farm Breaks with African Swine Fever in Bulgaria

( Pixabay )

Bulgaria reported an outbreak of African swine fever (ASF) on Saturday at a large swine breeding farm for pigs near the Danube city of Ruse in the north east of the country.

“All pigs on the holding, or 17,000, will be culled,” a spokeswoman for the national food safety authority told Reuters.

She said they may also have to cull all home-raised pigs within a 3-kilometer quarantine zone established around the ASF-positive farm.

Bulgaria continues to step up measures to prevent the spread of this deadly virus. The Balkan country has now reported more than 30 cases of the disease this month in several regions, including border provinces with Romania.

ASF is a highly transmissible disease that affects both domestic and wild pigs. It does not affect humans, however, and poses no food safety risk.

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