China Lifts African Swine Fever Restrictions in Jilin

Chinese officials are lifting African swine fever-related restrictions in Gongzhuling city of northeastern Jilin province on Wednesday, the Ministry of Agriculture said. The local government plans to remove curbs on infected areas from Nov. 1, but it will keep monitoring the situation to prevent new disease outbreaks, the agriculture ministry said.

Meanwhile, China’s agricultural ministry reported three new ASF cases on small pig farms in Shanxi, Hunan and Yunnan provinces on Tuesday, said the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. 

Over the weekend, a new outbreak of ASF was reported in Changde city of central Hunan province, where 99 pigs were killed and 106 were sick out of a herd of 7,684 pigs.

China, the world’s top pork producer, has reported more than 40 outbreaks of the highly contagious disease in about a dozen provinces and municipalities since August, culling an estimated 200,000 pigs.

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