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For the Love of Lard

Mar 06, 2019 by Sara Brown
If bacon is the candy of meat, lard is the butter. At least it used to be. But the old cooking staple is making a comeback, after a century of questions about saturated fat.

It’s Time to Prioritize Protein

Mar 06, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
Everyone knows protein is a key nutrient to a healthy, active lifestyle. Walk into any grocery store and you’ll see shelves of high-protein products. But despite its popularity, older Americans aren’t getting enough.

Educate to Prevent Needlestick Injuries

Mar 04, 2019 by John Maday
Veterinarians, and the farm crews they train, face inherently dangerous working conditions. One, with potentially serious or even fatal results, is injury from needles while injecting medications.