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Dan Murphy: Cave Days Revisited

Jan 24, 2020 by Dan Murphy
It’s a popular conceit to depict Stone Age people as little more than tribes of ignorant brutes. But a closer look at how they lived reveals that in some ways, their ‘lifestyles’ were superior to ours.

Dan Murphy: The Resistance is Real

Dec 26, 2019 by Dan Murphy
CDC’s latest assessment of the threat posed by antibiotic-resistant pathogens has good news and bad news: Good, that incidence levels are declining; bad because thousands are still dying.

Dan Murphy: A New Farming Framework

Dec 19, 2019 by Dan Murphy
Farm support is crucial if the USA intends to maintain its ability to feed the American people and continue to export agricultural products. Here’s what needs to happen to build that support.

Dan Murphy: A Very Culinary Christmas

Dec 16, 2019 by Dan Murphy
Most of the tasks on our holiday wish lists are fun and festive. But choosing an appropriate holiday entrée can be more challenging than gifting your Secret Santa. Here’s some help.

Dan Murphy: The Neglected Nutrient

Dec 12, 2019 by Dan Murphy
Most of us recognize that vegan diets are lacking vitamin B12. But there’s another nutrient that’s equally important — and equally absent, one that's available from beef.

Organic GMOs?

Nov 29, 2019 by Dan Murphy
Could genetically modified crops become a thing one day soon? Don’t dismiss the possibility, as newer gene editing techniques now parallel ‘natural’ crop mutations that increase productivity.

Dan Murphy: Farm Payment Failure

Nov 19, 2019 by Dan Murphy
The billions that have been earmarked — some would say needlessly — to offset famers’ losses in the trade wars … turns out they might not be helping the very folks who need help the most.

Dan Murphy: Zebra On The Menu?

Nov 05, 2019 by Dan Murphy
An Australian firm is planning to market ‘cruelty-free’ zebra meat —a product cultured from a cellular substrate, not actually harvested from the iconic African species. Two words: Good luck.

Dan Murphy: Alt-Meat Vs. Biofuels

Oct 30, 2019 by Dan Murphy
We need a framework to better understand how marketing of the alt-meat category has created public perceptions about its environmental and dietary impact. Here’s how: think biofuels.

Dan Murphy: A Study To Savor

Oct 18, 2019 by Dan Murphy
Does a single study counterbalance the tsunami of ‘research’ suggesting that red meat has all the health benefits of radioactive waste products? No, but it’s a damn good start.

Dan Murphy: In Praise of The Range

Oct 14, 2019 by Dan Murphy
One aspect of our global ecosystem that’s consistently, ignored, abused and neglected is the Earth’s rangelands. For the sake of animal agriculture — and the health of the planet — that needs to change.