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Paul Neiffer was raised on a dry land wheat and pea farm near Walla Walla, Wash. He was actively involved in the farming operation during his teen and early college years. Paul’s favorite part of farming was driving the combine in summer harvest. He still goes back to Walla Walla almost every summer to drive his cousin’s newer combine (the air conditioning, radio and wide seats is much better than what he grew up with). Paul went to the University of Washington and obtained a degree in business administration with a concentration in accounting. He started work with Moss Adams (currently one of the largest 12 CPA firms in the US) in Yakima, Wash. in the early 1980’s. Paul then started a CPA firm in Bend, Ore. with two other partners and was an owner for about nine years. Since 1998, Paul has been located in the Central Washington area and provides tax and accounting services to many types of farmers. Paul was also actively involved in running a plastic packaging and printing business for about five years before it was sold in 2004. Although it was not a farming operation, many of the management lessons learned there also apply to farming. Paul currently owns farm land that is being rented for corn and soybeans and enjoys driving the combine during fall for harvest. Paul is now part of the fourth generation in America that is involved in farming and hopes the next generation will be involved also.

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