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Revenge of the Wild Pigs Goes Toxic

Nov 13, 2017 by Chris Bennett
Proliferation of wild pig populations necessarily means a persistent bleed on farm profits. Dale Nolte, national coordinator for the NFSDMP, leads USDA’s nationwide effort to reduce the impact of wild pigs.

When a Farmer Punches Back at the Feds

May 02, 2017 by Chris Bennett
With the crank of a Case IH Quadtrac, John Duarte unwittingly poked leviathan and unleashed the highest levels of government regulation on his farmland. The annals of bureaucratic overreach are packed with stories of dr

Conventional corn beckons old foe

Jun 28, 2016 by Chris Bennett
Outside expanding fields of conventional corn, an old yield robber is waiting in the weeds and likely planning a return. Corn borer appeared to meet its Waterloo in 1997, when Bt corn made a smash-hit debut and began wi