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Dan Murphy: Cave Days Revisited

Jan 24, 2020 by Dan Murphy
It’s a popular conceit to depict Stone Age people as little more than tribes of ignorant brutes. But a closer look at how they lived reveals that in some ways, their ‘lifestyles’ were superior to ours.

Dining Out: Busting Common Pork Myths

Nov 14, 2019 by Katie James
In its Insight into Action newsletter the Pork Checkoff compiled common myths that they hear from restaurant operators about pork and why they don’t utilize it as much as they could.

USMEF Elects New Officers

Nov 12, 2019 by Katie James
The U.S. Meat Export Federation ended its strategic planning conference by electing new officers. Cevin Jones, a cattle feeder from Eden, Idaho, will succeed Conley Nelson, an Iowa pork producer, as USMEF chair.