Winners in Expo Giveaway Week 1!

Keeping pigs cool during transport, especially in the summer heat, is critical to animal health. ( Farm Journal )

Spring went from temperatures in the 30s to the 80s—it’s time to get ready for summer!

Evaporative cooling, combining water and air circulation, is definitely the most common way to keep pigs cool.

In our weekly contest, responsants answered this question on Facebook and Twitter:

What is the best way you keep pigs cool when you are transporting on a hot summer day?


Alex Adams made a good point—some bedding can be helpful. Once the bedding is wet, it can help prolong the cooling effect from water application.


Jared Bramer reminds us it’s time to open all ventilation holes on trailers, or make any modifications that will improve air flow.



Several people who attend a lot of summer jackpot shows and fairs have made use mister systems for use on the trailer during transport.

Jacob Bergman said on Facebook they add electolytes in the water system and Tracie Goodnight Egger reminds us to load fewer pigs per load—58 lb. per square foot.


Here are a few more guidelines to keep in mind as you review your summer handling practices. We can't have any pigs in distress on the way to Expo!

Pipestone Veterinary Services offers seven ways to improve your pig management during high temperatures.

Congratulations to all our respondents!

  • Tracie Goodnight Egger
  • Emily Beougher
  • Alicia Luke
  • Jacob Bergman
  • Robyn Hutchinson Blount
  • Joel J. Tyson
  • Jared Curtis Bramer
  • Ron Parrott
  • Jeremy Lightner
  • Tonya Hoskinson
  • Alex Adams

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