Whatever It Takes Series: Illinois Pig Farmer Pat Bane Tells His Story

( National Pork Board and the Pork Checkoff )

No one ever said pork production was easy. It’s a high-risk, labor intensive way of life. Even with the best management, disease outbreaks, weather events, mechanical failures, market fluctuations, and human injury can happen.  

For young people interested in a future in pork production, America's Pig Farmer of the Year Pat Bane says an understanding and appreciation for all aspects of the farm is paramount. “You just can’t come in and manage a pig farm without understanding what it takes to do all the jobs,” he says. “Don’t take shortcuts. Breeding methods, baby pig care, barn maintenance—they haven’t changed much over the years. It takes time to do all those things right.”

This pursuit of getting the job done right, whatever it takes, might be Bane’s greatest strength, says Phil, Pat's twin brother and one of his partners at Bane Family Pork Farms.

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