What You Might Have Missed At World Pork Expo

From pigs in the show ring to the pork on the grill, World Pork Expo brings together every stakeholder in the pork industry.

Five key priorities emerged June 6-9 during the 2017 event. Each one could affect your operation's bottomline this summer.

With the industry's current price structure tethered to export demand, any change in trade relationships could set producers up for a market high or market crash. How the National Pork Board positions the new consumer marketing strategy will likely set the stage for reaching a new, tech-savvy and multicultural audience. And as pork producers fight to retain their employees and compete against other manufacturers for high quality personnel, they are finding HR is a larger portion of their daily responsibilities like never before. Click below to see what you might have missed during World Pork Expo.

What You Might Have Missed At 2017 World Pork Expo