What Would You Baconize?

Take our poll and make your voice heard. ( AGWEB )

The bacon craze has no limits it seems! Everything wants to be a little like bacon! What was a niche flavor offering is now a mainstream addition in almost every market category.

From potato chips to alcohol, and Band-Aids to toothpicks, many different products can carry the flavor of bacon, and consumers seem to love it. But what’s next in the bacon craze?

We want to know what item you’d “baconize” if you had the opportunity. Click the image below to take the poll.


baconize poll

Or do you already have the next big bacon idea? 

Send us an email or post below what would benefit from that salty, sweet, cured taste/smell. 

It's so easy to add bacon to almost any food item. We can’t wait to see what other unique creations you add bacon to! Post your photos of bacon masterpieces on the Farm Journal’s PORK Facebook page. Find this post and add your image and the recipe/story to the comments section.