What is "Post-Wean Lag" and How to Overcome it

What is "Post-Wean Lag"?

Post-Wean lag is:

  1. Low feed intake
  2. Poor daily gain or weight loss
  3. Diarrhea
  4. Morbidity
  5. Mortality
  6. Immature digestive system
  7. Loss of passive immunity (antibodies); immune system not fully developed
  8. Effects from new environment, diet form and pen mates

How does Healthy Edge® Pig Feed Overcome "Post-Wean Lag"? 

Healthy Edge® Pig Feed"s unique soft, moist form maximizes palatability thereby, enticing young pigs to eat feed from day 1 after weaning overcoming "post-wean lag".  Studies have consistently shown that the faster pigs start eating after weaning, the healthier their intestine becomes and thus, the better the pig will grow.  Pluske1 (1996) demonstrated that greater feed intake in pigs 5 days after weaning increases villus height and absorption surface.  These changes in gut architecture not only improve absorption of nutrients to enhance pig growth but also, to a degree, influence how the pigs" immune system will react to a viral or bacterial challenge.  Therefore, a healthier intestine is critical to piglet health and growth. 

Healthy Edge® Pig Feed focuses on maximizing palatability through moisture content, texture and taste for early acceptance and faster intake.  It also supports immunocompetence to maximize pig performance after weaning.  

What is Immuno-competence?

Immuno-competence is the "ability to produce a normal immune response."  The opposite is immuno-deficient which is "lacking immunity; susceptible to infection."  When the young pig is not immuno-competent, it can not fight off a bacterial and/or viral infection.  This makes pigs susceptible to disease resulting in morbidity and/or mortality.  Therefore, providing the young pig with unique ingredients found in Healthy Edge® Pig Feed, such as, combinations of botanicals and acidifiers that support immuno-competence is of extreme importance to overcoming "post-wean lag".

Research data at LongView Animal Nutrition Center, consisting of over 400 pigs, shows that feeding pigs Healthy Edge® Pig Starter improves average daily feed intake (26%) and average daily gain (8.2%) during the first 5 days after weaning when compared to the traditional pelleted pig starters; leading to 1.5 lb heavier pigs at the end of the nursery.  These data were confirmed by trials conducted at the University of Arkansas and in the field. 

Feeding pigs Healthy Edge® Pig Starter during the first 5 days after weaning at the University of Arkansas resulted in pigs eating 26.3% more and gaining 41.5% faster when compared to traditional pellets leading to 2.0 lb heavier pigs at the end of the nursery.  Also, field studies showed that pigs gained 15.6% more when receiving Healthy Edge® Pig Starter during the first 4-5 days after weaning when compared to the harder, pelleted feed. 

Bottom Line - To get pigs eating quicker and gaining weight faster after weaning, use Healthy Edge® Pig Starter!

1Pluske, J.R., D.J. Hampson, and F.X. Aherne.  1996. Maintenance of villous height and crypt depth in piglets by providing continuous nutrition after weaning.  Animal Science 62:131-144.

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