A Week of Good Planting Weather in Store

BamWX forecast calls for a week of good planting weather, but then the roller coaster comes back. ( BamWX )

Weekly BamWX.com forecast from Chief Forecaster Michael Clark 

As advertised last week a significant warm up is near! Temps early next week will start to top out in the upper 70s and even 80s with a nice stretch of dry weather over the next seven days. New data in Tuesday morning showing temps to be much above normal next week with a bigger storm threat in the 9-10 day period across the heart of the grain belt. While this pattern is set to moderate overall the next few weeks we can still anticipate episodes of cooler than normal weather. Current thinking is that the May pattern could feature a roller coaster ride temp wise as we could be dealing with cooler risks at times especially in the grain belt regions. We will continue to update daily  on Bamwx.com.