Weaner Pig Breakeven Falls $10/Head

The breakeven for weaner pigs continues its downward trend. ( Farm Journal )

This market update is a PorkBusiness weekly column reporting trends in weaner and feeder pig production. All information contained in this update is for the week ended March 9, 2018.

3.12.18 chart

Looking at hog sales in September 2018 using October 2018 futures the weaner breakeven was $37.86, down $10.48 for the week. Feed costs were up $0.22 per head. October futures decreased $1.53 compared to last week’s October futures used for the crush and historical basis is declined from last week by $3.45 per cwt.

Breakeven prices are based on closing futures prices on March 9, 2018. The breakeven price is the estimated maximum you could pay for a weaner pig and breakeven when selling the finished hog.

Note that the weaner pig profitability calculations provide weekly insight into the relative value of pigs based on assumptions that may not be reflective of your individual situation. In addition, these calculations do not consider market supply and demand dynamics for weaner pigs and space availability.

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