USMEF Launches ‘I Love U.S. Pork’ Campaign in Mexico

As part of a consumer outreach campaign USMEF hosted events in Mexico as part of the "I Love U.S. Pork" campaign. ( United States Meat Export Federation )

In effort to expand customer outreach in what is already the largest volume market for U.S. pork, the United States Meat Export Federation (USMEF) launched the promotional campaign “I Love U.S. Pork,” in Mexico, according to a release from the organization. Funded by the National Pork Board, these events give participants new ways to prepare and serve U.S. pork dishes.

The campaign began in August and is set to run through December. It features a social media component, as well as restaurant and in-store retail activities.

“We have brand ambassadors – chefs, bakers and bartenders – who have been trained on how to share information about the value and quality of U.S. red meat products,” explained Gerardo Rodriguez, USMEF regional marketing director for Mexico, Central America and the Dominican Republic. “They will be promoting U.S. pork through their social media followers and at their businesses.”  

Additional U.S. pork events in Mexico included:

‘Women at the Grill’

Grilling workshops targeted to female consumers happened over two days in Monterrey and Torreon. The events, which had additional funding from the United Soybean Board (USB), hosted 50 participants who were divided into five groups to prepare U.S. pork at grilling stations.

“Participants were mostly consumers who shop and prepare food for their families, along with some social media influencers who created content for their online platforms about grilling U.S. pork,” said Leticia Flores, USMEF communications specialist, in the release.

Grilling workshop with Granjero Feliz

In Guadalajara, USMEF consultant Luis Pachuca held a U.S. pork grilling workshop in partnership with Granjero Feliz, an importer of U.S. red meat and the “Grilling Bastards,” a grilling enthusiast group which shares cooking information on social media channels.

The event drew 27 participants, mainly restaurant owners, retail meat shop owners and local distributors, where they prepared and grilled U.S. pork belly, St. Louis ribs and spare ribs. It had additional funding from the USB.

USMEF consultant Luis Pachuca conducted a U.S. pork grilling workshop in Guadalajara in partnership with Granjero Feliz, an importer of U.S. red meat, and the “Grilling Bastards,” a group of grilling enthusiasts who share cooking information through social media channels.

U.S. pork sales seminars in Cancun, Torreon

A U.S. pork sales seminar was held in Cancun for 30 representatives of companies that do business in the Yucatan Peninsula and in the Caribbean region. With additional funding from the Illinois Soybean Association, USMEF taught attendees about the attributes, characteristics and benefits of U.S. pork products, the release states.

Attendees learned new ideas and methods to communicate useful information about U.S. pork to their current clients and prospective customers.

A similar sales seminar was held in Torreon, in north-central Mexico, for 25 attendees.

In the months since Mexico’s retaliatory tariffs on U.S. pork were removed, exports to Mexico have rebounded, USMEF notes, but have not yet reached the record-large levels seen in 2017 and early 2018. USMEF says it’s working hard to recapture lost U.S. share of Mexico’s imported pork market and restore pork consumption to pre-tariff levels.