Use Video in Job Postings to Recruit Top Talent

Short videos can showcase your work environment and attract top talent when included in job postings. ( AgWeb )

Here’s an interesting statistic: Only 1% of job postings have visuals. Want to stand out from the crowd? Use photos and videos in your online job postings. 

Short videos can showcase your work environment and attract top talent, explains Elena Valentine, CEO of Skill Scout, a company that specializes in employer branding.

“Content with video receives three times more engagement than text posts,” she says. “In 2020, video will be the largest driver of internet traffic. Recruitment videos are just smart.”

Don’t worry – you don’t need to hire a professional TV production team. Tap a young person on your team (or one of your children) and hand them a few simple tools: a tripod, microphone kit and smart phone. 

Valentine provides these tips on how to create a great visual job posting:

Be specific. Pick one job to feature. Maybe you start with an evergreen position you are always filling, such as a seasonal employee? To describe the job, record someone who has that job now or held it previously. You want to showcase an authentic preview of this job. 

Keep it real. Don’t use scripts. Use the video to showcase the environment of the job, as well as the physical needs. 

Put your talent at ease. Treat video as a celebration and an opportunity to shine a light on the amazing employees you have. Valentine says these tips will reduce the number of takes:

  • Share the questions beforehand.
  • Layout the process.
  • Have them look at you.
  • Empower them as the “experts” in their role.
  • Simplify the language.
  • Have them repeat your question back in their response.
  • Ask if they have any questions.

Make the video short. The limit should be two minutes. This is just a glimpse of the job. You could do one video that’s an overview of your farm and why it’s a great place to work. Then do separate videos for specific jobs. 

Show don’t tell. Minimize talking heads. Show the work environment in a variety of wide, medium and closeup shots. Use that drone you have to capture the scale and scope of your operation. Show the crops, livestock, tools and programs someone will work with or on. 

Share your “why.” This may be the most important part. How does this role fit into the bigger company mission? What would happen if this role didn’t exist? How does this role impact the business and the world?

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