USDA Market News Revises Regional Swine Market Reports

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Source: USDA AMS

On Wednesday, USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) revised its Livestock Mandatory Reporting (LMR) direct swine reports to provide more continuous coverage of the regional negotiated swine markets. 

Since the implementation of LMR in 2001, the volume of barrows and gilts purchased on a negotiated basis has declined from 17% of the market to about 1% today. The thinness of the negotiated market has made it increasingly difficult for AMS to publish regional market information while maintaining the confidentiality requirements set forth in the statute. 

As requested by the pork industry, AMS will publish only weighted average prices for carcass and live basis negotiated barrows and gilts and not show the daily volumes or price ranges on the Iowa-Minnesota, Western Cornbelt and Eastern Cornbelt regional daily and prior day swine purchase reports going forward. This revision allows AMS to publish as much regional data as possible while preserving confidentiality. The national swine purchase reports will continue to include volume, price ranges, and weighted average prices for the negotiated barrow and gilt market. The other swine purchase types – other market formula, swine or pork market formula, and other purchase arrangement – are not impacted by this revision.

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