U.S. Poised for Pork Exports as ASF Impacts Vietnam and Philippines

( Pixabay )

U.S. pork suppliers recently met with local Vietnamese and Filipino further processing companies, building relationships as the U.S. prepares to export pork products to countries impacted by African swine fever (ASF). 

While the Philippines is just beginning to understand the full impact of ASF recently found in the country, Vietnam has already experienced widespread destruction amongst its hog industry, says Travis Arp, senior director of technical services and market access for the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF), in a USMEF weekly update.

“Companies who might traditionally use many domestic pork products for their further processed finished products are now looking to import raw materials,” says Arp while describing his travels with the U.S. pork suppliers. . “The U.S. is very well positioned to be a good, consistent supplier for their businesses.”

Meanwhile, recent arrival of ASF to the Philippines has concerned domestic Filipino hog processing companies. The Philippines is already a large pork consumer and global importer due to the variety of further processed products that are popular in the country.

“They have a very large backyard hog population and so much of the industry is still trying to gauge what the potential impact could be to pork production,” he says. “There’s going to be a continued demand for pork from all over the world in order to meet their demands.”

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