Two Large Pig Farms in Bulgaria Report African Swine Fever Outbreak

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Bulgarian veterinary authorities said two more large industrial farms have been hit by the fast-spreading, deadly African swine fever (ASF) virus this week. They will be culling 17,000 pigs after detecting ASF at the fifth breeding farm to report ASF in northeast Bulgaria.

The outbreak, detected at a farm in the village of Balgarsko Slivov, brings the official count of culled pigs from this deadly disease up to more than 100,000 pigs, Reuters reported.

To date, Bulgaria has detected more than 20 ASF outbreaks at industrial or backyard farms in the northern part of the country.

The fourth outbreak, announced Tuesday, occurred at a farm in the village of Popina. 

In addition to Bulgaria mobilizing military and police forces to help combat the disease and protect its pig breeding industry, Agriculture Minister Desislava Taneva said 20-km sanitary zones were being set up around all 62 registered industrial pig farms, Reuters reported.

ASF is a highly transmissible disease of pigs that affects both domestic pigs and wild boars. It does not affect humans and poses no food safety risk.

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