Top 5 Travel Destinations According to America’s Pig Farmer

( Chris Hoffman )

While relaxing in the ocean in the Bahamas years ago, Chris Hoffman of McAlisterville, Pa., saw a couple from Michigan float by. After exchanging names and hometowns, the Michigan couple asked: “What do you do?” 

“I told them I was a pig farmer and that was when the most important conversation happened,” Hoffman says. 

The wife asked Hoffman what hormones he feeds his pigs. 

“Without pausing, I replied corn and soybeans,” he says. “She looked puzzled, saying those are crops. And that started a 15-minute conversation about how we feed and care for our animals. I became their favorite pig farmer for the rest of the trip.”

It doesn’t matter where you go, Hoffman says, there are always opportunities to share your story. His advice? Be real. Be honest. Show your passion. 

“Never let a chance go by to have that important conversation. You never know what kind of impact you can make,” he says.

Traveling is one of Hoffman’s favorite pastimes, so we asked him to share his favorite destinations:

5. Traveling the U.S. by RV
4. San Antonio, Texas
3. Wyoming
2. Penn State Football Game
1. Grand Bahamas

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