‘Tis the Season for Appreciation

Recognize your team’s efforts in personalized ways. ( Top Producer )

Recognize your team’s efforts in personalized ways

A simple acknowledgment of a job well done can pay dividends in terms of employee engagement. 

“Praise is essential to successful management,” says Mel Kleiman, president of Humetrics, a human resource consulting firm. “Everyone feels the need to be recognized as an individual or member of a group and to feel a sense of achievement for work well done.”

The holidays are a good reminder to thank your team members. Here are a few ideas to show them you value their contributions. 

1. Give them an extra day off. 

Then let them use it when and how they’d like, suggests Susan Drumm, CEO adviser and leadership coach at MeritageLeadership.com. Maybe they’d like to leave two hours early every Friday for a month. Maybe they want to take a Monday off to stretch a holiday weekend. 

“Freedom and time are enticing, attractive and appreciated things — much more so than a bottle of wine or monogrammed towels,” she says.

2. Give them a personalized gift and note. 

Forget the company key chain or hat, Kleiman says, instead make sure it’s something they want or need. Think about each employee’s favorite books, restaurants or weekend activities

“A thoughtful $20 gift is more appreciated than a generic $100 gift, and a handwritten note thanking them for specific things shows you really, actually know them,” Drumm adds.

3. Provide a gift to the entire team.

Think holistically of your team, Drumm says. Consider doing catered-in meals on buying a new coffee machine or piece of exercise equipment. 

4. Help them fulfill a personal goal. 

Do you have an employee who wants to travel or learn a language? Help them plan a trip or buy the language audio guides. “They’ll appreciate the personal investment you’re making in them,” Drumm says.  

Don’t Waste Your Money

Your team members want to know you value their efforts, says Tim Sackett, president of HRU Technical Resources, a staffing firm. So, don’t misuse your funds by offering recognition gifts that don’t make the grade. Sackett shares why you should avoid these gifts. 
Anniversary Pins. A what!?!? I’ve given you 10 great years, and you’re giving me a pin? Is this 1955?
Plaque. If I wanted a plaque to show me I’m a top employee, you hired the wrong person. 
Company Clothing. Giving out company logo wear as a form of recognition screams you haven’t spoken to an employee in the past 20 years.
Fruit Baskets. First, most people don’t want to be healthy; people like chocolate, candy and salty snacks. If you send food, make it food they’ll eat.


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