Tips To Reduce Employee Turnover

Farmers offer varying degrees of bonuses, gifts and other incentives, in addition to regular income, to retain high-performing employees. ( Top Producer )

Employee retention and profitability are inseparably linked, says Mel Kleiman, president of Humetrics, a human resource consulting firm. So, you need a strategy to retain valuable employees.

Stay Conversations
Conduct regular “stay conversations,” Kleiman suggests. During these discussions, which are the opposite of exit interviews, ask intentional and effective questions to demonstrate just how respected and highly valued they are by you.

“There’s no better way to ensure employee retention than that,” Kleiman says.

Good communication is key, agrees Dave Allen, president of Agri-Search, a placement firm for agricultural jobs. “When you take time to listen, employees tell you what they want,” he says.

Small Acts Add Up
In 2020, make employee retention a priority. Strive for strong communication, and look for specific ways to encourage your team.

“The practices you choose don’t need to be expensive,” says Alice Roach, University of Missouri senior research associate in the Division of Applied Social Sciences. “However, employees should value the practices you adopt, so get to know your workers.”

Some best practices to support retention, Roach says, include:
•    Offer financial incentives or gifts contingent on performance.
•    Promote employees who have earned it.
•    Offer opportunities for training and continuing education.
•    Support an environment for a positive work-life balance.
•    Say “thank you” for their work and effort.
•    Provide spontaneous feedback.
•    Give public recognition.  

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