There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Bacon, McDonald’s Says

Bill Even McDonalds

( McDonald's )

McDonald’s made bacon dreams come true Tuesday by giving away bacon with the purchase of anything on the menu. 

Customers received two half pieces of bacon on the side with any purchase and were encouraged to add it to whatever item on the menu they wish. It’s an ode to bacon, McDonald’s website said. 

“Everybody loves bacon, they love the flavor, they love the taste. It's the gateway drug for vegetarians,” said Tyne Morgan, host of U.S. Farm Report.

It’s clear when you look at demand for pork, much of the demand is driven by bacon as a flavor point – it’s how many people get introduced to the product, said Bill Even, CEO of the National Pork Board.

“Whether it's on top of burger or by itself with eggs, bacon is an American staple,” Even added. “It's really taken off not only domestically, but also internationally as well.”

So, how does an announcement like McDonald’s bacon giveaway help the industry?

“This announcement has been fantastic,” Even said. “The pork producers could not pay for this level of social media exposure and the interest in the buzz surrounding it. It's fantastic when you have food service partners that really step up to the plate and ask how they can drive sales within their company and improve profits.”

The answer? You give them bacon.












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