Texas Tech Researches Feed Supplement

Texas Tech University is partnering with HumaTech of Houston to investigate a natural, organic trace-mineral supplement for pigs that could improve pig performance and reduce odors.

John McGlone, Ph.D., professor of animal science and director of Texas Tech's Pork Industry Institute, says preliminary research on the feed supplement Promax is promising. "The previous research showed that in addition to providing a bio-available source of iron, it also had positive effects such as enhanced growth of the pigs, changes in the animals' immune system and reduced ammonia," says McGlone.

The formal research contract was brought to the university through the efforts of McGlone and his collaborator SungWoo Kim, Ph.D., in conjunction with staff at HumaTech Inc.

HumaTech is the sole producer of the all-natural trace mineral supplement. The company is expanding sales of Promax worldwide.

David Williams, president and CEO of HumaTech Inc., says that partnering with Texas Tech's researchers allows for answers to some in-depth questions about the product's positive effects on pigs. "Solid answers detailing more clearly the benefits inherent in Promax, will add significant value to our product on a worldwide basis," says Williams.

McGlone and Kim have conducted the initial research on commercial pigs at Texas Tech's New Deal Farm.

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