Teen Dairy Farmer Strikes Back at Animal Activist, Goes Viral

Sharing her story on social media, Lauren Siemers goes viral during National Dairy Month.
( Lauren Siemers - Facebook )

With a single Facebook post, 16-year-old Lauren Siemers of Kiel, Wisconsin, set social media ablaze with her passion for the dairy industry. After receiving a slew of private messages from an anti-animal agriculture supporter stating that dairy farmers “lack morals, empathy, respect for life and farm purely for profit,” Siemers took to Facebook to prove this activist wrong.

Working on her family’s 2,500-cow dairy, Siemers Holsteins, Lauren has grown up alongside cattle all her life. Proud of her family’s lifestyle, the dairy-loving teen has never been afraid to share some of her everyday moments working on the farm.

Telling a story through a cow’s perspective, Seimers shared what steps farmers take to care for their animals, noting how each animal was treated with respect.

“If my favorite girl in the barn could talk, I’m confident that she would tell a very different story about the modern-day dairy farmer than a member of PETA would,” Siemers wrote in her post.

The story struck a chord with both dairy farmers and consumers alike, with many leaving positive comments thanking farmers for their work.

“I wanted to write a post that could reach more people instead of just that one individual,” Siemers said. “I knew that many of my Facebook friends are food insecure or feel that animal agriculture is inhumane. I hope (this post) has helped consumers feel more confident in their food choices while simultaneously bringing awareness to the state of the industry.”

Receiving more than 1,200 shares and 2,300 likes, Siemers was shocked when she saw just how much of an impact her post had created, considering the moment “completely surreal.”

During National Dairy Month, many dairy farmers take to social media to highlight the dairy industry. However, it can be intimidating for young farmers to share their story, as negative feedback, scrutiny and judgement often plagues the comment section. With more consumers further removed from agriculture than ever before, giving a glimpse of what farm life is really like can generate a positive connection with the public.

“There will always be someone that does not want to hear what you are saying,” Siemers said. “You know the truth of the dairy industry. There is nobody better to share this truth than the men and women that live this life every day! Never, ever stop sharing your story!”


To see Siemers full Facebook post, click here.