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AP to Introduce New Environmental Control, Feeder Products
AP (Automated Production Systems) will feature new products and technologies at the 2020 Iowa Pork Congress Jan. 22-23 to help pork producers maintain optimal barn environments, according to a company release. 

New products include:
EDGE controller enhancements – A new weather station feature measures rain, outside temperature, outside humidity, wind speed, wind direction and barometric pressure so the controller can skip ventilation modes to use natural ventilation instead, the release said.  A healthy barn environment is maintained while reducing energy costs. Another EDGE enhancement allows the controller to connect with standard sensors to detect potential environmental issues, such as CO2, ammonia, smoke, air speed and water pressure problems. Producers automatically receive email or text alerts. The new EDGE backup mode offers a third layer of protection in the event the main and redundant control systems fail. Backup mode is automatically activated, enabling ventilation and other environmental functions to be maintained until primary controller function can be restored. 

Flex-Flo Unloader – This product offers increased wear performance and 30% more surface area for feed flow to reduce bridging events, according to a company release. A full line of stainless steel and galvanized models for M220 to M500 Flex-Flo feed delivery systems are available in all configurations. Features include a low-profile clear boot design, composite tube anchors and wear plates, and custom molded clear access door.

Automatic Slide Gate – This feed delivery accessory provides reliable control with accurate gate positions and quick gate closure. It offers automatic opening based on load cell or proximity switch inputs, as well as remote operation inside the barn, helping to maintain the highest standards for biosecurity, the release said.

MC and VR Heaters – MC 50/250 and VR 50/250 variable rate heaters offer producers improved efficiency, more control, easier access and increased longevity, the release said. The MC and VR line‐style burner offers an extended range of 50,000 to 250,000 BTUs, allowing the heater to run longer while improving heat distribution and humidity control. Other features include a durable, easy to use ignitor and easy maintenance with access through an easy-to-remove door, and every aspect of the heater can be serviced using a single tool – a ¼” nut driver.

For more information, visit https://www.automatedproduction.com/.

Keep Swine Environments Dry, Ammonia Free 
With African Swine Fever (ASF) spreading throughout the world, it’s more important than ever to monitor biosecurity strategies and make necessary updates. Brookside Agra says all-natural drying agent ABSORB PLUS is a tool that pork producers can use to help maximize efficiency and improve the environments that their swine frequent, according to a company release.

“ABSORB PLUS helps dry out wet areas and improve air quality not only for the pigs, but also for the people working with them,” said Tim Nelson, Vice President of Animal Health & Nutrition Sales at Brookside Agra. 

ABSORB PLUS contains a mixture of copper, zinc and iron, which according to a study published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology by the American Society for Microbiology, these minerals may help reduce the threat of viruses, bacteria and molds, the release said. ABSORB PLUS is also non-toxic and absorbs ammonia to further promote a healthy environment.  

ABSORB PLUS can be easily sprayed or blown on any surface, including the animals. Its application should be repeated weekly to refresh the thin coating, suppress moisture and eliminate odors. ABSORB PLUS is ideal for the following areas: Swine and poultry housing, calf units, dairy loafing houses, livestock trucks and trailers, whole grain storage bins, livestock exhibition areas, animal bedding, dog kennels and horse stables.

All of ABSORB PLUS's separate components are on the Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) and FDA lists. For more information, visit www.brookside-agra.com/products/animal-health/absorb-plus/.

FarrPro Receives Canadian Pork Innovation Award
Iowa-based ag tech startup, FarrPro, Inc., received the prestigious Dr. F.X. Aherne Prize for Innovative Pork Production with its Haven product. The award was presented at the 2020 Banff Pork Seminar to FarrPro’s CEO and co-founder, Amos Petersen, by Dr. Ben Willing, University of Alberta, chair of the F. X. Aherne Prize committee.

"The Aherne Prize recognizes individuals who have developed either original solutions to pork production challenges or creative uses of known technology," Willing said. "There is no better place to celebrate industry innovation than the Banff Pork Seminar and we are pleased to acknowledge grassroots inventiveness in the pork industry."

FarrPro's Haven is a heat and light supplementation platform for use in farrowing crates that creates draft free microclimates for two neighboring litters, according to a company release. Its design delivers highly efficient heat energy to piglets and promotes healthy creep behavior while significantly reducing pre-wean mortality and energy use.

“In Iowa we understand the importance of supplemental heat for newborn pigs and recognize that our friends to the north have many of the same environmental challenges we have here,” said FarrPro co-founder Chris Hanson. “We are thrilled that the prize committee recognized our Haven as being an innovative solution to an age-old problem in the industry. As we look to expand sales outside of the U.S. the most logical place to go considering climate, proximity, and large number of farrowing operations, is Canada.”

In preparation for additional sales and wider distribution, FarrPro continues to add to its team by recently hiring veteran Des Moines, Iowa, businessman Sheldon Ohringer to serve as president. FarrPro currently has Haven units in over 300 commercial farrowing crates in three Midwest states and is now taking orders for new units to be delivered in late February. If you are interested in learning more, visit www.farrpro.com.

Can’t make it to Iowa? Text “Congress” to 313-13 to get a list of the state pork events coming up in 2020!

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