Students bring ag-citement to Insight Performance Center

DNA Genetics recently hosted 40 East Butler Public School students and teachers for a tour of the InSight Performance Center. The 5th and 6th grade students are taking part in an Agricultural learning program called "Ag-citement in the Classroom".

This program at East Butler covers 10 different learning units over a two-year period, each unit focusing on a different commodity or aspect of Agriculture. This year, the students are covering pork production and a tour of InSight Performance Center was an excellent opportunity to see pork production taking place.

"We come from an Ag area, but our students don't always realize the impact Agriculture has on them and the world around them," said Patti Romshek, a 5th and 6th grade teacher at East Butler's elementary school in Dwight, Nebraska. "We're very fortunate our administration and school board allows us to have this program."

Teachers like Romshek put together the materials for the "Ag-citement in the Classroom" program with the involvement of local farmers/producers and organizations such as: Frontier Coop, Farm Bureau, Nebraska Beef Council, Nebraska Soybean Board, and the Nebraska Pork Producers Association.

While at the InSight Performance Center, students were able to see DNA Genetics team members completing the off-test process of boars, which includes a live ultrasound of each boar to measure the animal's backfat and loin depth. They also saw the advanced technology used at the InSight Performance Center like Feed Intake Recording Equipment (FIRE® feeders). Thanks to our bio-secure observatory conference room, students got a unique look at pork production not many get the opportunity to see.

The school's purpose statement is: "East Butler Public Schools, in cooperation with the communities we serve, will inspire students to become responsible, creative, and innovative citizens in the ever-changing world." This tied in well to the tour presentation, which points out the world's growing population, the increasing demand for food, and the ways DNA Genetics is advancing genetic improvement in the pork industry. When it comes to preparing these students for what lies ahead, we hope we've helped inspire some to choose a career in Agriculture and lead a new generation to find better ways of helping feed the world.