Social Photos Reveal Glimpse of Final Crop Tour Numbers

As analyst finish up day four of Crop Tour, the images they’ve shared on social media have painted a picture of what fields are looking like in the Midwest for farmers. Touring parts of Minnesota and Iowa, here are what some of these researchers are finding. Scroll down to take a look.


Sherman Newlin snapped pictures of 134 bu. per acre corn in Rochester, Minnesota.

In southern Minnesota, Karen Braun captured several photos of soybean fields averaging 955 pods in a 3x3 foot plot. This number is down from the 1,159 pods found in 2016.

Jarod Creed found corn averaging 144 bu. per acre in “polar opposite moisture” conditions compared to fields earlier this morning.

Monster plants were found near Sulley, Iowa.

Dustin Hoffmann noted shallow kernel depth for the 154 bu. per acre corn he found near Mantorville, Minnesota.

Want to see more photos like these? Search for #PFTour18. Tune it tomorrow to find out the final results for this year’s crop tour!