To sleeve or not to sleeve when sows farrow

Sleeving and oxytocin are important elements of farrowing, says Dr. Sarah Probst Miller, DVM, creative director and president of AgCreate Solutions. But these methods should only be used when necessary.

How do you know when you should - or shouldn't do these things? You have the opportunity to learn more at the Pork Avenue Training Portal in the Day One Pig Care Lesson Series.

To learn when you should sleeve or administer oxytocin, check out the Quick Tips Mini-lesson: Sleeving and Oxytocin.

The Pork Avenue Training Portal is

a group of more than 50 lessons in English and Spanish for tasks associated with pork production throughout farrowing, breeding and wean to market.

It also offers a complete training record keeping system for your team. . . exactly what you need to keep your team and their training

records organized for a Common Swine Industry Audit.

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