Search is on for the Best Beards of the Pork Industry

( Jennifer Shike )

Beard or no beard? As the cold weather sets in, some men start growing their work of art for a purely practical reason – to keep warm on those cold, windy days. Some grow beards to evoke conversation and increase knowledge around an issue such as #NoShaveNovember that strives to raise money to fight cancer and #Movember that spreads awareness about prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. Still others just enjoy the pure look of being a beardsman.

Growing a beard isn’t as easy as it looks. Experts say there’s no simple answer on how long it takes to grow a beard. The average beard grows about ½ inch per month. A full beard takes two to four months to grow, although it varies from man to man. Beard growth depends on multiple factors, including your age, race and genetics. 

Beards are not just about appearance. They can also benefit your health by shading your face from the sun and providing protection against harmful UVs depending upon beard coverage. They also have been shown to protect against bacteria and infections, according to a study published in the Journal of Hospital Infection where bearded hospital workers were less likely to carry harmful bacteria on their faced as compared to clean-shaven workers. 

Whatever the reasons may be for growing that awesome beard, do you or anyone you work with think you have what it takes to be named one of the best beards in the pork industry? Farm Journal’s PORK is having a little fun celebrating our bearded pig farmers this month. Send in your photo nominations before Dec. 2 to [email protected] We’ll contact you if you make the cut and report back with the winning beards of the pork industry. 

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