Q&A with the Face of Farm Hats on Facebook

( Kent Blunier )

Q. Tell me about your favorite hat.
A. I bought myself a yellow Aeropostale hat back in high school. At the time, it was not distressed or faded. Today, it’s perfectly distressed and faded, bearing the brunt of years and years of farm life. I even filled the planter and got graphite all over it. Still, it’s my favorite.

Yellow Hat

Q. What makes a hat “great”?
A. When I put the hat on my head, I just know. It shouldn’t stick up – it should fit nice right on top of my head. And you definitely need mesh-back in the summer and a closed hat or stocking cap in the winter. 

Q. What's the most popular brand in your collection?
A. I have quite a few Stine seed hats – we’ve had Stine beans as long as I can remember. I also have a ton of Case IH hats.

Q. What’s the biggest post on Farm Hats?
A. When Subway made their big announcement over switching to meat raised without antibiotics, one of our page members created a post that went viral. His wife had gotten him Subway for lunch. He got out of his tractor, threw down his sandwich and disced over it. That post got tons of shares and around 2,500 new members in a couple days.  

Q. What’s the craziest thing you've done on Farm Hats?
A. Probably my man romper video. We wear one-piece coveralls in the hog house. During a long, wet spring, we had a group of kids from Chicago coming down to tour the hog house. I cut the legs off a pair of the coveralls – like a man romper – that got a ton of shares on the page.