PSF Buying Hogs from Missouri Producers

Premium Standard Farms is partnering with pork producers in northeast Missouri to supply hogs to its newly expanded processing facility. This is the first time Premium Standard Farms' Missouri operations has processed hogs not originating from its own system.

 "It's not only good for PSF and the local producers, it is good for the Missouri pork industry. Now Missouri pigs once sent out of state are going to a Missouri processing plant," says Don Nikodim, executive director of the Missouri Pork Association.

The hogs will come from a newly formed cooperative called NEMO Family Pork – a group of 12 producers based in Marion, Monroe and Shelby Counties. When PSF officials announced the plant expansion, they said it created the opportunity to purchase hogs from independent producers who could meet the company's Process Verified Program, which assesses quality management processes, including animal traceability.

Jack Coleman, DVM, Monroe City, Mo., helped bring producers together. "It's a good match," he says. "I'm excited about the marketing plan and the that customers PSF has."

The producers jointly own a breeding operation to produce feeder pigs and grow out pigs in their own facilities. Under a long-term agreement, the first pigs arrived at PFS' Milan plant in early January.

PSF announced the plant expansion project in spring 2006. When the $23-million expansion is complete this spring, it will be able to process up to 10,000 animals daily – a 35 percent increase. 

"The group is excited about working with PSF," says Scott Hays, president of NEMO Family Pork. "Instead of marketing our hogs in Illinois or Iowa, we are now able to market them close to home – right here in north Missouri."

Hays owns and operates Two Mile Pork, a farrow to finish operation near Monroe City, Mo.

Source: Premium Standard Farms



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