Price Special on BIVI Oral Erysipelas Vaccine

For a limited time, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica is offering a special price on its Ingelvac ERY-ALC, an oral vaccine to prevent disease caused by erysipelas in swine.

From now through June 30, veterinarians and producers who order an equal number of doses of Enterisol Ileitis FF and Ingelvac ERY-ALC will receive a 20 percent discount on Ingelvac ERY-ALC. The price of Ingelvac ERY-ALC will automatically be reduced by 20 percent on the distributor invoice.

"Erysipelas continues to be a threat to U.S. pork producers as is evident by recent outbreaks reported in non-vaccinated pigs," says Jeff Husa, DVM in Sioux Center, Iowa, and technical manager with BIVI. "Oral vaccination is a valuable tool to combat erysipelas without additional injection, labor and stress for pigs."

USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has approved Enterisol Ileitis FF and Ingelvac ERY-ALC oral vaccines for simultaneous administration.

For more information about this promotion, call (800) 325-9167; for more information on BIVI, visit the Web site, at





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