PORK’s Top 10 Articles of 2019

Weaner pigs ( Jo Windmann )

We've rounded up the top 10 stories of the year as decided by you, our readers. Take a look back at these memorable stories on PorkBusiness.com in 2019.

10. When the Sheriff's Department Stops By: Farmer's Response Goes Viral

When Illinois corn and soybean farmer Doug Downs started fueling up his combine on Nov. 7 and saw a note on the combine door, his heart sunk.  

“As a farmer, stress levels are high this time of year. I’ve got 997 things to worry about, and the 18-hour days wear you down,” Downs wrote in a post on Facebook that has been shared nearly 500 times in the past 10 days.  

When Downs leaves the field, he always silently hopes that nobody messes with his equipment in the middle of the night out in the middle of nowhere.

So when he saw the note on his combine, his mind immediately thought the worst. Read more.

9. Markets Jump on Skyrocketing Hog Inventory

There’s no questioning the volatility in the hog complex as we consider all of the internal and external factors on prices—from lower exports and disease challenges to higher feed and grain prices. Still, nothing bearish jumped out of the latest USDA’s Hogs and Pigs report, according to analysts.

Total inventory of hogs and pigs on June 1, 2019, was 75.5 million head, up 4% from June 1, 2018, and up 1% from March 1, 2019. This is highest June 1 inventory since estimates began in 1964. Read more.  

8. The Night the Fire Took the Farm

When he turned onto Highway E outside of Curryville, Mo., the stench of smoke filled his truck. He was seven miles away from experiencing one of the most horrific sights of his life. As Anthony Russo drove down the lane to the 5,600-sow farrow-to-wean unit, all he could see was smoke. His heart sank.

And then he saw her. A lone sow covered in black soot from the smoke, but she was fine. She was a survivor. Sadly, 18,000 animals perished that night during the devastating fire that took down Spring Lake Pork on May 19, 2018. Read more.

7. Maybe Pigs Can Fly: Pork “Wings” Rise in Popularity

Food trends are no joke—from bacon-wrapped everything, ranch flavoring and the food bowl craze, consumers’ tastes are always looking for something new, fun and convenient.

In Chicago, Flo & Santos pub and eatery has a new pork-lovin’ spin on a game-day staple—boneless chicken wings. The “flying pork wings” are coated in buffalo, barbeque or teriyaki sauce. Read more.

6. Pillen Family Farms Purchases Nebraska Farms From The Maschhoffs

Pillen Family Farms has agreed to purchase 16,000 sows along with the associated nursery and finishing farms in eastern Nebraska from The Maschhoffs. Also as part of the purchase, Pillen Family Farms acquired a truck wash in Columbus, Neb., and a number of contract finishing farms.

The acquisition sets Pillen Family Farms up for long-term success in eastern Nebraska. Read more.

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