Poll Results: Just “Baconize It!”

Adding more bacon should always be an option. ( PORK )

We had fun seeing the results of our latest Farm Journal’s PORK poll. The bacon craze shows no signs of slowing down.

When we decided to ask for the next big bacon idea, we knew food would always have an edge, and our readers agreed.  More than half of respondents wanted to put more bacon on their plate.

Frozen bacon-flavored waffles—how is that not already a major product on grocery store shelves? More than 44% think that could be the next greatest bacon product, followed by peanut butter at 20%.

Interestingly, sushi wasn’t far behind, at 14%—and it’s possible. (If you haven’t seen it, Drovers reported on the beef industry putting a new focus on “beefshi,” just last week.)

Sure, adding bacon to air fresheners, cough syrup or cat litter would be a benefit to the senses, but it won’t sell any more pork. But they are fun!

Want some more bacon-infused ideas? Check out our collection!

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