Plant-Based Meat Alternatives: Are You Crazy?

Burger King ( Burger King )

Nearly 30% of respondents in a recent PORK poll say they’ve tried plant-based meat alternatives and 16% say they like them.

During a recent Uber ride on my way to the Pig Welfare Symposium, I had a great conversation with my Minnesota-born driver who shared stories about his grandfather – a livestock and grain farmer. We covered a lot of ground during the short ride from manure management to animal welfare. And as you can probably guess, the plant-based Impossible Burger came up in our discussion.

He asked me if I had tried it yet and I told him I wasn’t too excited to try it because I love the real thing so much. He admitted that he really liked the taste of the Impossible Burger and thought it was flavorful, but that he is definitely not a vegetarian. 

Even though I’m not that interested in trying plant-based meat alternatives, I think I will so I can be more knowledgeable from firsthand experience when visiting with people about these meat alternatives.

PORK columnist Dennis DiPietre suggests we need to go out and buy the classics and the new plant-based items on a fast-food menu and do our own taste test.

I want to know what you think. Where do you stand on this question: Have you ever tried a plant-based meat alternative? The majority of our respondents have not tried these alternatives – myself included. In fact, 26% say “Ick, no way” and 46% say “Heck, no. Are you crazy?”

Where do you fall on the spectrum?

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