PigCHAMP continues to lead swine production innovation

As anyone who works in the swine industry knows, pork production is part of a sophisticated process in the food industry. Those who are not part of today"s agriculture industry may have quaint views of how a pig farm is run. They might be shocked to learn that cloud-based solutions may be part of today"s modern barn. PigCHAMP Online is the leader in offering solutions that combine ease of cloud use with the power of complex and comprehensive software.

"Many modern swine farmers like the idea of cloud based solutions," explains PigCHAMP general Manager, Bob Brcka. Until recently, many of these online solutions provided very limited functionality, and did not allow for complex data entry and report analysis. "Many of our customers told us that they liked the flexibility and advantages of a cloud-base system, but were anxious to have more robust functionality. PigCHAMP Online now enables swine farmers to access the world"s most powerful pork production software from anywhere there is an internet connection."

PigCHAMP Online will be a key component of the PigCHAMP exhibit at World Pork Expo, June 4 to 6, 2014, in Des Moines, Iowa. "We are expecting keen interest in our online offering at the show," Brcka explains. World Pork Expo will feature more than 375 trade show exhibits, and welcome nearly 20,000 attendees. "The Show provides us with an excellent opportunity to expose our solution to a large swine audience, not just in North America, but to International audiences as well."

PigCHAMP sells its software to pork production barns in a number of countries, including Latin American countries such as Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, and Spain, as well as countries such as Russia, South Africa, Thailand, and China. It says it has already booked appointments with a number of international clients during the show to discuss its PigCHAMP Online solution.

PigCHAMP Online provides swine farmers with the PigCHAMP program, hosted on a secure, remote facility that enables swine farmers to easily access the program, to enter data and run reports. The online solution provides all of the unique PigCHAMP software functions, such as report drill downs and other types of data analysis.

Click here to visit PigCHAMP Online.



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