A Pig Gave This Beloved Grandpa 10 More Years of Life

Caitlyn Lamm has always had an appreciation for agriculture and pig farmers. But now she has even more reasons to “thank a farmer.”

As reported in the Des Moines Register, Lamm discovered recently that her beloved grandfather’s life was extended by 10 years, thanks to a transplant surgery in which he received part of a pig’s heart.

“I got a little more time with my grandpa, thanks to animal agriculture,” Lamm, who lives near Perry, Iowa, writes. “It gave us a few more chuckles, a few more shared sips of whiskey, and he was able to meet Craig, who would later become my husband.”

The story is a fitting one, considering October is Pork Month.

“Pig farmers are doing their best to raise food for our families to eat. But now I know somewhere out there a farmer also helped raise a healthy animal that allowed a man with a heart of gold — combined with a heart of a pig — to spend time with his loved ones just a bit longer,” she writes. “For that, I couldn’t be more grateful.”

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