Pain Relief for Pigs

Two new products are now available for use in drinking water of swine as an aid in reducing pain, fever and inflammation. Oral-Pro sodium salicylate 48.6 percent and Oral-Pro sodium salicylate 60 percent with 5.7 percent caffeine are now available from Aurora Pharmaceutical.

Current vaccine protocols to prevent porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome and swine influenza have not controlled the viral diseases, and producers are turning to sodium salicylate and aspirin products to offset the performance losses associated with pyrexia and anorexia.

Unlike liquid aspirin, sodium salicylate is highly soluble in water with 1 gram dissolving in slightly less than 1 ml. Also, sodium salicylate administered orally through a water-medication system is absorbed and reaches measurable plasma concentrations.

Aurora Pharmaceutical is an FDA-inspected facility and manufactures under cGMP standards. All raw materials are USP-grade and tested for potency and impurities.  Aurora products are required to pass stability testing prior to release for sale, thus guaranteeing consistency.

For more information, go to or call (888) 215-1256.



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