NPB offers new ‘We Care posters

New this summer from the National Pork Board's ‘We Care" initiative is a series of six, laminated, full-color posters that emphasize the cornerstones of the program. The posters are ideal for displaying in barns, work areas or lunchrooms.

Available in English and Spanish, the posters are a constant reminder for staff on the importance of their commitment to proper animal care, food safety, environmental practices and other topics. 

Six posters are available per set (size 24" x 36"). Producers may order poster sets individually, as some barns only need English versions, and others need more Spanish versions. Additionally, a Trainer's Guide will be provided with each order.

Each poster highlights one of the We Care ethical principles including:

Food Safety - Delicious pork is on the consumer's mind.
Animal Care - They can't take care of themselves.
Community - Lend a hand to people in your communities.
Public Health - A direct impact on the health of people.
Environment - The actions you take help preserve the world.
Safety - Use safe practices on the job.

To order your We Care posters, contact the Pork Checkoff Service Center at (800) 456-7675 or visit

NPB suggests producers order copies for multiple facilities, field advisors and farm locations, if required.



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