New Swine Barn, New Opportunities Ahead at Indiana State Fairgrounds

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The historic swine barn at the Indiana State Fair where crowds gather each year during the Indiana State Fair to view the "World's Largest Male Hog" will be demolished following the 2020 fair.

A $50-million multi-use facility named "Fall Creek Pavilion" will be erected in its place. This climate-controlled building will now be available for year-round use, according to RTV6 Indianapolis.

In addition, the new building will be able to host livestock displays during the fair. The current swine barn, built in 1923, has many issues. It does not meet the requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act, livestock loading conditions are described as "challenging," and the building is not enclosed.

The fairgrounds hosts hundreds of events each year, besides the Indiana State Fair. Fall Creek Pavilion will now have a direct connection to the buildings to the west, the Blue Ribbon Pavilion and the Champions Building. This will allow events at the fairgrounds to be spread out over additional space.

“There are hundreds of Indiana 4H pig showmen who will benefit from a redesigned swine barn at the Indiana State Fair,” says Jeanette Merritt, Director of Checkoff Programs for Indiana Pork. “Indiana Pork is excited for these young people to have a chance to show in a state-of-the-art barn while showcasing the pig industry.  It’s exciting to have their hard work put in the spotlight on the fairgrounds.”

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