New Products from DSM, John Deere

DSM Introduces Hy•D for Swine in U.S. Market

Today’s higher producing sows and faster growing pigs raised indoors require producers to be more diligent when managing the vitamin D status of their herd. To fully optimize the genetic potential within their herds, and to improve overall nutrition status and profitability, DSM introduces Hy•D for swine.

The product is approved in other countries, and now is available to U.S. swine producers.

Hy•D is a proprietary metabolite of vitamin D, 25-OH-D3 that supplements vitamin D3. Adding 25-OH-D3 directly into the diet is highly beneficial to animal health and productivity. It is consistently and efficiently absorbed by the animal, eliminating the need for conversion in the liver, so optimal vitamin D levels are reached more quickly.

When combined with existing vitamin D sources in the diet, Hy•D helps overcome absorption issues frequently experienced by swine and results in higher 25-OH-D3 levels in the bloodstream. The 25-OH-D3 is critical for the utilization of calcium and phosphorus for stronger skeletal structures, improved immune system function, and optimized animal performance from birth to finishing, according to field and experimental trials from around the world.

Research has also shown optimal vitamin D nutrition is essential for ideal sow health, reproductive longevity and skeletal maintenance, improved neonatal nutrition, and the development of unborn pigs. With feed and health-related costs making up a large portion of overall swine production expenses, producers are constantly looking for new ways to improve pig and sow performance throughout the system and to increase bottom-line returns.

“Feeding Hy•D provides swine with a fast track to a strong skeleton and better performance,” said Dr. Jeremiah Nemechek, Technical Support Manager, Swine, for DSM Nutritional Products. “When they are fed Hy•D, swine are more likely to produce more selected gilts and to experience fewer farrowing difficulties. For swine producers, this has a direct impact on production and profits.”

Another way swine profitability can be increased is by sows and gilts producing healthier, faster growing piglets throughout their lifetime. According to Nemechek, Hy•D has been shown to help sows and gilts improve their lifetime performance and to maximize their profit potential by improving their ability to metabolize vitamin D.

“Improved vitamin D nutrition is possible due to the exclusive mode of action that enables Hy•D to bypass the animal’s liver. It’s a faster, more efficient mode of action, compared to simply absorbing it through sunlight, or from consuming livestock feed supplemented with vitamin D3,” concluded Nemechek.

DSM encourages producers to closely work with their nutritionist or veterinarian to ensure their herd has the optimum vitamin D3 levels at each life stage. Measuring 25-OH-D3 serum levels is the accepted method for determining an animal’s vitamin D3 status. Additional details about Hy•D for swine and Optimum Vitamin Nutrition guidelines can be found at

John Deere Redesigns 3E Series Compact Utility Tractors

Resulting from extensive customer feedback, John Deere updates its ultra-reliable 3E Series compact utility tractors. Offering a consistent styling package across the Compact Utility Tractor portfolio, the redesigned 3025E, 3032E and 3038E are more versatile, durable and easier-to-use than ever. “The John Deere 3E series of tractors are each powerful and easy to use for customers who maintain their property, whether managing livestock or moving snow,” said Michelle Smith, Program Manager at John Deere.

“Customers will immediately notice that we are giving the 3E the same sleek styling as the other models in the John Deere CUT portfolio, while still offering the same high quality straight out of the factory. We’re pleased to reintroduce one of our customer favorites as an even more capable and intuitive machine.”

For operators who need to maneuver their tractors within small spaces such as landscaped properties, barns and stables, the updated 3E Series models provide a tighter turning radius than the competition. What’s more, these machines are extremely maneuverable, even with a loader. This enhancement ensures obstacles can be easily avoided without needing turning brakes or to stop and reverse, increasing efficiency and performance for customers. The wheelbase and weight have also increased to improve machine stability.

Offering the popular features of the original 3E Series, the updated models will continue to deliver top-notch ease of use. Color coded controls in the operator stations are ergonomic and intuitive, increasing overall comfort and convenience during operation. The independent Power Take Off (PTO) system eliminates the need to stop and clutch to engage or disengage the PTO. An easy-to-use, two-range hydrostatic transmission (HST) increases tractor performance while eliminating clutching for fast and easy direction changes. Twin Touch™ foot controls provide an automobile-like experience while reducing operator fatigue.

The new 3E Series includes a 300E loader, which is an updated version of the D160 loader that is installed on the 3E machines today. The 300E will incorporate a curved boom and compact stance for improved operator visibility and larger knee plates for added strength. Visit your local John Deere dealer for a test drive. For more information, go to



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