New Product Showcase Draws Crowd at Iowa Pork Congress

( Jennifer Shike, Farm Journal's PORK )

One of the big draws of the Iowa Pork Congress is their dynamic trade show that draws in vendors from across the country to show off their latest technology, products and scientific advances to pork producers and industry enthusiasts alike. This year’s New Product Showcase featured nearly 30 new or enhanced product offerings. If you couldn’t make it, here are a few products that caught my attention in this year’s showcase.

1.    SmartGuard 
This intelligent device from SwineTech, Inc. can prevent piglet crushing in real-time by analyzing the sounds and behaviors of a sow and her piglets. Using artificial intelligence to read data through sensors, SmartGuard can locate exactly where a piglet is getting crushed and will alert the sow to roll over or stand up through the use of a vibratory signal through a wearable device to get her up off her piglets. Data shows this device can increase production by more than 0.3 piglets per litter and offer valuable information on sow behavior and health, as well to help drive better management decisions to reduce labor. For more information, visit

2.    VevoVitall
This feed additive, a pure, food-grade source of benzoic acid, reduces the pH of the feed which influences the environment of the weaned pig’s intestinal tract. When young animals are weaned from milk to dry feed, their digestive track is not mature yet, says Jeremiah Nemechek, senior swine support manager for DSM. When VevoVitall is fed at this critical time, it reduces the pH of digestive track which improves nutrient digestibility. When nutrient digestibility improves, the animal gets more nutrition to support growth, health and all the functions it needs to perform and be the most profitable to the producer. Data shows VevoVitall increases average daily gain by 6.1%. For more information, visit

3.    Feed Energy’s R2 Premium Brand of Nutrients
This new line of products for swine and poultry provides both essential nutrients for animals while also helping to control pathogens in the feed. Through the feed source, R2 delivers both the essential nutrients animals need combined with the anti-pathogen benefits to help control disease, says Eric Weaver, sales and marketing director for Feed Energy. In addition, the R2 products contain no formaldehyde, which is a huge benefit for both humans and animals. BuildR2, a product for breeding sows, increases reproductive performance and boasts anti-pathogenic properties resulting in lower mortality rates, increased weight gains and feed efficiencies. StartR2 for nursery pigs helps control the major pathogens in the feed including E. coli, Salmonella, Clostridia and viruses. The absence of pathogens has shown to improve the nursery pig’s immune systems, consequently they’re not having to fight off disease so more of the energy they consume goes toward growth. For more information, visit

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