New Pork Products in the Meat Display Case

Two efforts call for change for the sake of human and environmental health ( Wyatt Bechtel )

Comfrey Farm Offers Two New Duroc Pork Programs
Comfrey Farm is launching two new programs: Certified DUROC pork, and No Antibiotics Ever (NAE) Certified DUROC. Four designated family farmers, all within a 150-mile radius of the Comfrey Farm plant, underpin this family-owned company.

Comfrey Farm pigs are sired by registered, purebed Durocs specially bred, not for production efficiency or leanness, but for exceptional meat quality characteristics, a company release said. Animals are fed a 100% vegetarian, vitamin- and mineral-packed diet consisting of locally-grown grains with no artificial ingredients or growth promotants, including no Paylean.  

“Our trusted family farmers share our passion and commitment to investing the necessary time, care and money into pedigreed animals and healthy raising practices in order to produce the antidote to the pale, dry pork found in most grocery stores today,” said Ernie Davis, CEO. “Our ruby-pink meat is a visible sign that shoppers will be purchasing pork that is consistently more tender, juicier and flavorful.”

Comfrey Farm products are packaged in stay-fresh, leak-proof Cryovac bags with innovative, attention-getting graphics and meaningful story-telling, including the call-out of grams of protein front-of-pack since information on protein is highly sought out by shoppers, the release said. 

Point-of-sale materials help drive demand in-store for the following available cuts: Pork Loin Center Cut (Boneless and Bone In), Pork Loin Half Center Boneless, Pork Loin Bone In (Frenched and Unfrenched), Tenderloin, Sirloin, Shoulder Butt (Boneless and Bone In), Back Ribs, St. Louis Style Sparerib, Pork Shoulder Picnic (Bone In), and Pork Belly (Half and Full Sheet). Uncured, naturally smoked Applewood Duroc Bacon and Bourbon Brown Sugar Duroc bacon are also available.
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Sigma U.S. and McCormick Grill Mates Launch Marinated Bacon
Sigma U.S., in partnership with McCormick Grill Mates, is revolutionizing the way bacon is made; marinating, smoking and seasoning, a company release said.

Four new McCormick Grill Mates Marinated Bacon products will be offered by retailers across the country this summer. 
The unique, three-step process enhances the natural flavor of the bacon, a company release said. The pork is marinated to soak in flavor, then smoked with natural hardwood smoke, sliced thick and finally seasoned by flavor experts with a blend of McCormick Grill Mates seasonings.  
“Marinating has been bringing more flavor to steak, chicken and pork for years, so it made great sense to do the same with bacon,” said Jeff Gaunt, marketing director at Sigma in the U.S. “Our three-step process delivers more flavor than bacon that is only smoked, making it easy for consumers to enjoy a bacon that tastes better than any bacon they’ve had before.”

The four new products include: Ultimate Bacon, Montreal Steak, Smoky Applewood and Brown Sugar Bourbon bacon. 

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