Mix a Cocktail With Us at Farm Journal Field Days

Farm Journal Field Days ( Farm Journal )

Mix with fellow farmers as you mix a drink in the Field Days Beer Garden at 4:15 Aug. 27. (Not registered for Farm Journal Field Days yet? Sign up here. It’s free!) 

Ready to shake it up a bit? You’ll need these ingredients. 

Suggested bar tools and options

● A cocktail shaker (or protein shaker)
● A jigger (or measuring device)
● A bar spoon (or spoon)
● A hawthorn strainer (or a mesh
strainer or slotted spoon)

Want to mix it up a little? 

All cocktails are written with Bourbon, but the spirit may be substituted for preferred spirits, such as Tequila, Mezcal, brandy, aged rum or scotch/

If you don’t have egg white, you can use canned chickpea juice, known as aquafaba.

Blackberry syrup can be changed using any berries or fruit. If syrup is not available, muddle blackberries into regular simple syrup.

Citrus juice is best fresh squeezed. Recipes call for lemon, but you can substitute lime. 

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