Minnesota Pig Farmer Earns "A Seat at the Table"

( Animal Agriculture Alliance )

Minnesota Pig Farmer Wanda Patsche earned first place in the Animal Agriculture Alliance’s “A Seat At The Table” farmer photo contest, winning a trip to the 2019 Stakeholders Summit. Her photo featured a pork chop with the tagline “When you only had one job…and you nailed it.” Second place was awarded to Melinda Bastian, a cattle rancher from Missouri.

"A Seat At The Table" will kick off with a live consumer focus group to help attendees better understand consumer perceptions of animal agriculture. The event will take place May 8-9 at the InterContinental at the Plaza Hotel in Kansas City, Mo. 
Summit attendees will hear directly from their customers and be able to ask questions about how they find information about food and farming during the focus group panel, conducted by Anne-Marie Roerink of 210 Analytics. Panelists will share how they choose what to purchase at the grocery store and what to order at restaurants. They’ll discuss whether or not animal welfare, sustainability and antibiotic use factor into their decisions. 
Discounted registration rates are available through April 1. To view the agenda and register, visit http://summit.animalagalliance.org.